Mayentis SL Health Care Solutions


All packaging plants adapt to industrial processes regulations and have their corresponding health certifications according to whether they are for cosmetic products, food complements, food or pharmaceutical products. We currently package:


- Creams in jars, tubes, airless containers, serum, emulsions and fluids in glass, PET or PP vials from 2 mL to 1 kg
- Vials and small ampoules, dosifiers, cannulas, single or double sachets
- Single dose in various formats
Dietetic products and food complements
- Tablets, capsules and softgels in cans, blister packs, and sachets
- Single dose mouthwash, in sachets, 250 mL or 500 mL vials, granular and effervescent products in sachets or tablets
Packaging picture - Pharmacy Mayentis
Packaging picture - Cosmetics Mayentis
Packaging picture - Cosmetics Mayentis


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