Mayentis SL Health Care Solutions


In Mayentis, S.L. we have more than 20 years experience in the dietetics, cosmetics, food, and pharmacy sectors. Our know how on the development of your products both regarding formulation and the creation and search for the most ideal packaging give added value to our service and management so that your product's success is guaranteed.

Our service ranges from a simple idea or requirement of your market or distribution channel, up to a production and/or packaging process. We can be your ideal partner with whom to lay down your trust for any product related to health, well being, beauty or nutrition.

You decide how and to what extent we can collaborate on the development and production of your products: we are your procurement, marketing, production, and regulatory affairs manager without being present in your corporate structure. A direct negotiator who will be available to you, will give form to and collaborate on the definition of the product together with your marketing team and will give a personalized treatment to the entire process up to its delivery as an end product ready for sale.







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